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This page shows some of the pictures I have taken over the years during the Humphrey Pump project.

April 1993 - The first test rig was a simple 'U' tube of water with one end closed off and a spark plug fitted. A petrol mixture could be ignited causing the whole lot to jump back!
Simple test rig

1994/1995 - With a working cylinder of 4" and a play pipe of 6", a taper section is needed to join them together. Here it is undergoing a pressure test.
Taper section

1994/1995 - The water valve. It built around 5 version of this part before I got it right! This is an earier version without rubber valve seating. The steel pipe section has been plated to prevent corrosion.
Water valve

August 1995 - The cylinder now sitting in a tank of water with the water valve at the bottom. These tests were done to test the functioning of the water valve.
Dummy cylinder head

April 1997 - The first play pipe used standard plastic soil pipe. The first time the pump fired it all fell apart, hence the very wet garden.
Plasic play pipe

April 1997 - The first cylinder head. This shows the gas carburettor from a Honda generator and a diaphram ignition timing sensor.
Cylinder Head

April 1997 - A shot showing the first bend and taper pipe.
Water tank

January 2004 - This picture shows the pump setup for testing of the cylinder head extension (the red bit).
Test with cylinder extension